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Some Facts About TCM

Expensive tests and equipment are not used in TCM for diagnostic purposes. In TCM, every symptom is taken seriously, and tongue and pulse are examined. The diagnosis depends on the symptoms and the examinations. The underlying cause of the symptoms is treated as early as possible to prevent diseases from occurring.

The length of treatment depends on the nature, severity, and history of each person's health problems, as well as the general health of an individual. Other factors are the patient's attitude, diet and lifestyle. Usually it is necessary to begin with one or two treatments per week. Many conditions can be alleviated very rapidly with acupuncture and herbs. Even though your symptoms may begin to improve quickly, this is not the time to stop treatment. Continuing care encourages your body to heal completely and faster, rather than on-again, off-again treatments only when symptoms appear.  Correcting the root cause of the problem will take time, but will result in lasting benefits. Without continued care, your organs and Qi (energy force running through the meridians) will return to their unhealthy state. Once balance has been reestablished it is beneficial to return for monthly or seasonal check-ups to maintain your health.

Not everyone can reach complete correction. Sometimes a person's problem has reached a point that complete correction is impossible. For the latter case we will work to bring your health up to its greatest potential.