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Three Things Can Cause Health Problems

  • Deficiency in the body is caused by something we do not do enough. -Supply your body's need.
  • Excess in the body is caused by doing something too much. -Moderation in all things.
  • Accidents happen everyday because of rushing too much. -Slow down and be aware.

Five Criteria of Good Health

  • Normal Appetite: Feeling hungry at mealtimes; being able to taste and sell food; consuming a proper amount of food.
  • Bowel Movement: Once per day in the morning (or more); stool should be firm, long, and brown; feeling of having adequately emptied the bowel is necessary.
  • Proper Urination: Five to seven times daily (less if one is working strenuously). The color should be pale yellow. There should be an adequate amount of urine as well as an adequate amount of force to expel it.
  • Proper Sleep Pattern: The ability to sleep through the night without waking up. You should feel adequately rested upon waking.
  • Cool Face and Warm Limbs: Your face should feel cool and comfortable, not hot. The back of your hands and feet should feel cool, while your palms and soles feel warm.

Exercise Properly

  • You feel good when you exercise correctly. Exercise should make you perspire lightly without fatigue and shortness of breath. You should feel energized afterward.
  • You feel bad when you do hard physical labor. Hard physical labor makes you perspire heavily, feel tired or exhausted, and become short breath. This in not  a proper exercise.
  • Build up slowly. You need to stop before you are out of breath or fatigued when exercising. You will be able to do more as your body becomes stronger.

Tips for Maintaining Good Health

  • Eat a large variety of foods. Eat the amount your body needs to maintain without overeating and eat your last daily meal by 7:00 pm or earlier. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and avoid highly processed foods.
  • Drink water only when you are thirsty. Drink green tea regularly especially in the spring and summer  months.
  • Go to bed early (before 11:00 pm) and get up early (before 7:00 am). Before you sleep, clear your mind - no thoughts of work of personal problems at bedtime, otherwise you are working instead of resting. Leave them at your workplace.
  • Do proper exercise regularly and never overexercise. Build up slowly.
  • Listen to your body and make sure you are experiencing the five criteria of good health.
  • When symptoms arise, have a medical check-up right away to prevent potentially serious health problems from developing.
  • Avoid negative thinking. Eliminate stress as much as possible and nourish your mind with uplifting books, movies, sunsets, gardening, hobby, good friends, and whatever else makes you feel content.
  • Be calm. Treat yourself and others well. Always take time to smell the roses and enjoy your life every day.